Feb 23, 2022

Acquisition Success Stories - Fireside Chat with Michael Feindt and Rasmus Rothe

What are the stories behind the acquisition of Blue Yonder by Panasonic?

Join the Fireside chat on February 23 with Michael Feindt, Founder and Strategic and Scientific Advisor at Blue Yonder, and Rasmus Rothe, Co-Founder at Merantix and Co-initiator of the AI Campus. During this chat, Michael and Rasmus will share insights on acquisition strategies, how to build AI first companies, and go-to-market strategies.

Blue Yonder is the leading digital supply chain and workforce management (WFM) solutions provider. With its successful acquisition by Panasonic in 2021, Blue Yonder moves one step closer to providing organizations with a truly autonomous supply chain and ecosystem. Blue Yonder has been selected as a “Hot Company to Watch in 2022” by Nucleus Research and named one of the “100 Best Arizona Companies” by BestCompaniesAZ.


Michael Feindt is the Founder and Strategic and Scientific Advisor at Blue Yonder. Michael is also a professor of physics at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Advisor for applications of data-driven Artificial Intelligence in Science and Economy, and an expert for AI/ML applications in Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Logistics, and Retail, with more than 1280 scientific publications.

Rasmus Rothe is the Co-Founder & CTO of Merantix, the world’s first venture studio for AI, co-initiator of the AI Campus Berlin, the leading AI community hub in Berlin, and a renowned deep learning researcher. He has published over 15 academic papers with more than 1000 citations on deep learning while attending Oxford, Princeton, and ETH Zurich.

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