Oct 21, 2021

How to spark AI innovation? AI KICKSTART with Merantix Labs and aalberts ST

Merantix Labs and aalberts ST are hosting a webinar AI Kickstart to share learnings and experiences from their latest cooperation. Sparking AI innovation is not an easy process. Still, an increasing number of companies realize that they won't be able to compete with more data-driven and future-proof competitors without a valid AI strategy.

Merantix Labs helps businesses and organizations every step of the way: with AI strategy, AI solutions, and AI operations. Aalberts ST is one of the industry leaders who started the AI journey with Merantix Labs.

This event will be a perfect opportunity to learn more about AI project ideation and implementation from the freshly executed project and ask the people involved.

You can submit your questions for QA here: https://app.sli.do/event/ohrj70xq/live/polls

The AI Kickstart with Merantix Labs and aalberts ST will feature:

4.55-5.00 PM - Opening of the room

5.00-5.10 PM - Intro to AI KickstartNicole Buttner, CEO and Founder of Merantix Labs

5.10-5.30 PM - AI Innovation and industry AI use-cases at aalberts STPhilipp Pongs, Business Development Manager at Aalberts surface technologies

5.30-5.35 PM - Working with Merantix LabsFadwa Ouardani, Business Development Manager at Merantix Labs

5.35-5.45 PM - QA and end of Webinar

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