Where AI
comes to grow

The AI Campus is a not-for-profit space where research, startups and corporates come together and collaborate on Artificial Intelligence projects.

Where AI
comes to grow

The Merantix AI Campus Berlin is the leading co-working community for the AI ecosystem to come together and
build impactful AI.


A strong
to build with.

With 70+ partners and residents, we are building a strong community to create impactful AI. Our ecosystem includes universities, research institutions, regulators, leading (tech-) corporates and investors, and cutting edge ventures.


Unlocking AI. Together.

We fundamentally believe in the transformative power of AI to tackle the world’s biggest challenges. However, our current systems are not designed for AI adoption at scale.

By taking a systems-thinking approach, we want to create the world’s leading ecosystem for all stakeholders to come together to build and scale impactful AI.

Office Space on the Campus

A workplace built for AI. And the future.

The AI Campus combines state of the art (tech) infrastructure and high-end furnishing with a future-proof office concept, designed by the visionary talents at the renowned design company Vitra.

Heart of the AI Campus is the over 800 sqm large Connection Space. The area allows for interaction and collaboration to integrate naturally into a work day, while townhalls, maker spaces and keynote areas enable collaboration with the outside.

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Berlin’s Hub for AI.
Berlin’s Hub for AI.
Berlin’s Hub for AI.
Berlin’s Hub for AI.
Berlin’s Hub for AI.
Berlin’s Hub for AI.
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