Where AI comes to grow.

The AI Campus is a not-for-profit space where research, startups and corporates come together and collaborate on Artificial Intelligence projects.

Opening in April 2021

Berlin’s Hub for AI.

Join a community of researchers, engineers and entrepreneurs to unlock cutting edge AI development for your business.

Become a permanent resident by renting an office space for your team or venture. Or join us on the over 800 sqm Connection Space, an open area for keynotes, workshops, expert groups and more, all around AI.


Unlocking AI.

Deeply rooted in our philosophy is that the road to harnessing the power of AI requires a collaborative approach.

We are offering a space where the right minds and ideas can connect, and give them the tools and network to develop and grow. For the ideation and validation of new AI projects, we provide a network of academics, entrepreneurs and corporates that can work together directly on site.


A strong network to build on.

Our partners range from universities and research institutions, to ensure a fruitful exchange of ideas and breakthroughs, and extend all the way to technical partnerships, which offer services and support to help your project grow each step of the way.
Reach out to us if you would like to participate in the AI Campus as part of our supporter network.


A workplace built for AI.
And the future.

The AI Campus combines state of the art (tech) infrastructure and high-end furnishing with a future-proof office concept, designed by the visionary talents at the renowned design company Vitra.
Heart of the AI Campus is the over 800 sqm large Connection Space. The area allows for interaction and collaboration to integrate naturally into a work day, while townhalls, maker spaces and keynote areas enable collaboration with the outside.

Become a part of our community.

As a tenant.

Currently we are offering office spaces for research teams, ventures and corporates. As the AI Campus initiative is not for profit, all office space is rented out at cost. Find more information, a full overview of the available spaces as well as contacts in our brochure.

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Or as a member.

If you are passionate about AI then we need you as a part of our community. Fill in this form and tell us a bit about yourself, your expertise, your venture or your company. We will get in contact with you shortly.

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