Unlocking AI.

We believe that in order to unlock AI, we have to connect the latest research with bright engineering minds and hungry entrepreneurial talents.

Our Residents

Home of tomorrows category leaders

We offer permanent single desks as well as office spaces for select individuals and teams who are looking to engage and collaborate on a more regular basis. Our residents come from diverse backgrounds and industries, but are all united in their mission towards AI.

Our Partners


A vibrant exchange of ideas and breakthroughs

We are partnering with a global network of AI researchers and universities. With co-locationg, event formats and more we ensure the constant flow of new inputs and inspiration.

Operational support to help projects grow each step of the way.

We are building a strong foundation with our tech partners. Each of them bringing a different set of expertise in, and exchanging with our community.

Berlin’s Hub for AI.
Berlin’s Hub for AI.
Berlin’s Hub for AI.
Berlin’s Hub for AI.
Berlin’s Hub for AI.
Berlin’s Hub for AI.
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