Nov 7, 2021

ETH Global Lecture Series: The Robots Are Coming! - Virtual Event

On Nov 7th, ETH Zurich is hosting its Global Lecture on the AI Campus as part of the Berlin Science Week 2021.

Join this dialogue virtually to learn more about the latest on the research side of AI, its newest applications, and the importance of using the right data to help robots understand their environments better.


Sami Haddadin, Full Professor at the Technical University of Munich and founding director of its Institute of Robotics and Machine Intelligence, is a leading figure and innovator in the interface between robotics and machine intelligence.

Mark Pfeiffer is the co-founder and CTO of SiaSearch. SiaSearch is a tool that allows to easily select, manage and control data for AI applications. He is a graduate of ETH Zurich, where he also received his Ph.D. in the area of intelligent ground robot navigation in dynamic urban environments.

Chris Luebkeman, the leader of the Strategic Foresight Hub in the Office of the President at ETH Zurich, will be the moderator of this event.

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